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Learn the key questions you should ask as a Canadian business owner buying Internet

What is Last Mile Internet The Final Link in Connectivity Explained

What is Last Mile Internet? The Final Link in Connectivity Explained

Last Mile Internet is a term ISP’s always use, but what does it mean to you? This article dives into the world of Last Mile Internet, shedding light on its significance, challenges, and the evolving landscape of internet connectivity in Canada. Table of Contents Explaining Last Mile Internet What is Last Mile Internet? Last-mile Internet …

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Unlimited Satellite Internet

Unlimited Satellite Internet in Canada: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlimited Satellite Internet in Canada, is it truly without limits? This blog post aims to clarify the concept of unlimited satellite internet. We’ll examine its feasibility, limitations, and the options available to consumers. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how satellite internet works, compare it with other internet services, and critically analyze the ‘unlimited’ plans …

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Internet Diversity

Understanding Internet Diversity vs Redundancy 

What is Internet Diversity? Internet Diversity, in simple terms, is about having multiple different ways for data to travel across the internet. This diversity is critical in mitigating risks of network failures and ensuring consistent and reliable internet access. Historically, the Internet started as a more centralized network, meaning any disruption at a central point …

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Starlink for business

Starlink business plans | Is it still worth it in 2023?

Starlink business plans, they are here to stay. But is Starlink Business right for your business?  Users still use the home version for their remote business, is that a good move? With the new tiers priced at $250/mo for 1TB, $500/mo for 2TB, and $1500/mo for 6TB of data, Starlink Business is making strides to …

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Internet in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland

Ultimate Guide to Business Internet in Mount Pearl, NL

Do you work in Mount Pearl NL, and need better Internet service?  There are at least 4 providers offering different levels of service in town, and the difference in performance (and price) can be vast. You’re in luck this article will explain the options for Business Internet in Mount Pearl, NL.  Here at Internet Advice …

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Best Internet In Gander Newfoundland

Best Internet in Gander, Newfoundland – Ultimate Guide

Do you live in Gander, Newfoundland, and are looking for better Internet? We’ve done the research. InternetAdvice Canada has done the analysis for you, and will explain all your options, the pros and cons of each, and help you make a more informed decision. There are other home and Business Internet providers in Gander, each …

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Is Business Internet More Reliable

Is Business Internet More Reliable?

‍ When you think of home Internet services, reliability might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But when running a business, the last thing you want is unreliable internet. Unexpected outages and slow connections will cost your company money and leave customers with a wrong impression of your services. You may have …

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Why Business Internet is More Expensive

Why Business Internet is More Expensive: In-Depth Analysis

Business Internet may seem the same as home Internet, but why is it often more expensive? This article explores the differences between home and business internet and why it often costs more.  What is business Internet? Business Internet is a specialized Internet connection tailored for commercial use, boasting features not typically required at home. These …

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Business Leased Line Canada

Leased Line Costs in Canada: A Comprehensive Business Guide

A leased line can cost anywhere from $400/month to $4000 per month, but other factors may surprise you that can dramatically alter the cost.  In this article, we break down the carrier world of leased line Internet, the factors that can dramatically change the prices, and questions to ask before buying a leased line.  What …

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