Business Success: Internet Services & Their Impact on Business

The Internet has become a critical infrastructure for most businesses, yet it often needs clarification. This article aims to demystify Internet technology in the context of your business, guiding you to make informed decisions, pose relevant questions to your ISPs, and efficiently manage your online business operations.

How does my Internet affect staff experience?

Understanding how the Internet affects staff productivity is crucial for a business leader. While several factors lie outside technology, the approach to and attitude toward technology significantly influence productivity.

Key Opportunities:

  • Remote Work: With systems hosted in the cloud or accessible from anywhere, staff can work remotely. This flexibility is essential but requires reliable Internet service(s).
  • Effective Communication: The Internet facilitates smooth communication with clients, which is vital for business operations.
  • Technology Culture: The digital expectations of the younger workforce need to be met to attract and retain top talent.


  • For cloud-based operations, the risk of Internet downtime is significant.
  • Reliable upload capacity is necessary for accessing office files remotely.

How does my Internet affect customer experience?

The Internet profoundly impacts customer expectations and experiences. Your customers’ expectations are often set by interactions with technology giants like Netflix, not just your direct competitors.

Customer Expectations:

  • Predictive Services: Just as Netflix suggests shows, customers expect predictive and personalized services from all businesses.
  • Digital Interactions: Smooth e-commerce transactions, digital appointment booking, and efficient customer relationship management are now standard expectations.

Recommendations for Connectivity:

  • Primary and Backup Services: Ensure one high-capacity service and a backup to maintain uninterrupted customer experiences.
  • Technology Choices: Consider affordable fiber, Coax, or wireless Internet options for small businesses. If two services aren’t feasible, opt for a single, more reliable service like dedicated fiber.

The Role of the Internet in CyberSecurity

Your Internet connection is a pivotal element in maintaining cyber security. It enables various features that mitigate risks.

Essential Cyber Security Aspects:

  • Virtual Machines: With robust Internet, virtual machines can be used for secure operations. If compromised, they can be quickly restored, mitigating risks like ransomware.
  • Cloud-Based Solutions: Reliable connectivity supports cloud-based applications and consistent cloud backups.
  • Zero-Trust Architecture: Robust Internet infrastructure enables the implementation of zero-trust architecture, enhancing security.

Bandwidth and Cyber Security:

Investing in reliable Internet is crucial for robust cyber security, helping you focus more on business growth and less on potential risks.

Internet’s Influence on Business Growth

The Internet plays a vital role in the growth trajectory of a business. While not the sole driver, it significantly impacts various aspects of business expansion.

Growth Factors Influenced by the Internet:

  • Talent Acquisition: Attracting skilled employees, especially from younger generations, requires demonstrating digital proficiency.
  • Technology Integration: Planning for technological advancements, like smart warehouse sensors or new communication technologies, necessitates a robust Internet infrastructure.

Key Technologies for Scalability:

  • Fiber Optic: Offers high-speed, reliable connectivity. Please read our article on Is Fiber a good choice for a business.
  • Fixed Wireless: A viable alternative for areas without fiber access.
  • Low Earth Orbit Satellite: Emerging technology that may suit specific business needs.

Incorporating these technologies aligns with your long-term business plans, ensuring you have the infrastructure for future growth.

Technology that can scale symmetrically includes fiber optic, fixed wireless, and possibly low earth orbit satellites. See our full article on how to upgrade my business Internet

Dealing with Internet Outages

Internet outages can have measurable negative impacts on your business. Understanding these impacts is essential for effective risk management.

Quantifying the Impact:

  • Revenue Loss: Consider the gross profit per hour lost during outages.
  • Customer Retention: Lost business opportunities due to outages can affect long-term customer relationships.

Managing Outages:

  • Preparing for outages with backup solutions or alternative plans minimizes disruptions.

Consequences of Degraded Network Issues

Poor Internet connectivity can lead to long-term customer loss or missed opportunities, especially when competitors offer superior digital experiences.

Implications of Poor Connectivity:

  • Customer Perception: Degraded network quality can result in a negative bias towards your business.
  • Operational Efficiency: A low-quality Internet service often needs more support, affecting overall business operations.

Recommendation: Higher-quality Internet services can significantly improve customer and staff experiences.

Enabling Sales Through Internet Capabilities

The Internet can be a powerful tool in enhancing your sales team’s effectiveness by enabling richer customer interactions and streamlined processes.

Critical Advantages for Sales Teams:

  • Enhanced Communication: The ability to conduct high-quality video calls offers a more engaging experience than traditional methods.
  • Digital Convenience: Utilizing e-signatures, cloud-based service ticket systems, and other digital tools makes transactions smoother for customers.

Creating a Leading Customer Experience:

  • The goal is to make your business easy to engage with, incorporating in-person and digital interactions.
  • Tailoring digital experiences to customer preferences, including video calls and other digital services, can set you apart in your industry.

Table of how different Internet connectivity aspects affect various business areas.

Aspect of BusinessImpact of Internet ConnectivityRecommendations
Staff ExperienceInfluences remote work capability, communication effectiveness, and technology culture.Ensure reliable Internet for cloud access and remote file sharing.
Customer ExperienceSets customer expectations in line with leading tech companies.Opt for high-capacity primary service and a backup; consider fiber or wireless options.
Cyber SecurityEnables secure operations like virtual machines and cloud-based solutions.Invest in reliable connectivity; consider bandwidth needs for cloud backups.
Business GrowthAffects talent acquisition and technological advancements.Plan for scalable technologies like fiber optic, fixed wireless, or satellite.
Internet OutagesDirectly impacts revenue and customer retention.Implement backup solutions and alternative plans for minimizing disruptions.
Network QualityPoor connectivity affects customer perception and operational efficiency.Invest in higher quality Internet services with adequate support.
Sales EnablementFacilitates richer customer interactions and streamlined digital processes.Embrace high-quality video calls, e-signatures, and cloud-based services.

Final advice

As a business owner or manager, you must treat the Internet like a utility, but it’s much more confusing than electricity or water. I hope these tips have helped you understand the Internet differently. 

Based on your options available the next step is to read our Business Internet section, where you can narrow down your selection and understand those specific Internet technologies better. 

Thanks for reading!

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