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Everything you need to know about Rogers

What Speeds can I expect?

For a business, the standard answer is you can get anything you need, but of course, there is a vast array of prices business Internet or Networking services can cost.

Rogers, being a large ISP, should be able to get a business 10Gbps or even 100Gbps Symmetric service in select locations, but it’s very rare a business needs that much Internet access.

In Ontario cities residential customers can expect (download/upload) 1.5 Gbps/30 Mbps  packages down to as small as 10 Mbps / 1Mbps for home internet.

For Mobility, Rogers currently ranks 3rd in Canada at 72.65 Mbps from Ookla. If you’re wondering who is first and second, here is the current rankings from Q4 2021.

Q4 mobility rankings canada
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Where is it available?

Rogers is available in southern Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland/Labrador. Not only are they available in these provinces, ranks Rogers at the fastest cable Internet provider in these provinces.

For mobility, Rogers operates Canada-wide

Rogers business services are also available Canada-wide. Where Rogers does not own a physical network, they have wholesale partner agreements with local providers to meet local business needs.

What types of service do they provide?

When we ask about type, we mean fiber, copper, wireless or satellite. Rogers operates primarily on coax cable for any residential services.

What is the customer support like?

Customer support is rated similar to the other large carriers, room for improvement

Is the wifi signal strong?

Rogers typically uses the Ignite WiFiTM Gateway modem, but you can also choose to use your own modem.

Customers upgrading to Ignite are reporting frequent short interruptions according to reddit Rogers

Are they investing in rural expansion?

Rogers is focused on buying Shaw at the moment, which is their major expansion in Canada for 2022.

Who owns the company?

The company is owned by the Rogers family, with some publicly traded stock.


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