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Everything you need to know about Telus

What Speeds can I expect?

For a business, the standard answer is you can get anything you need, but of course, there is a vast range of prices business Internet or Networking services can cost.

Telus, being a large ISP, should be able to get a business 1, 10, or even 100Gbps Symmetric Internet service in select locations, but it’s very rare a business needs that much Internet access.

In British Colombian (BC) cities with fibre-optic networks, residential customers can expect (download/upload) 1.5 Gbps/940 Mbps. Fibre-optic home packages can go down to as small as 300Mbps / 300Mbps for home internet.

Most homes can do nearly anything they need over 300/300, which is probably why Telus ranks so well on the Ookla tests.

For Mobility, Telus currently ranks 1st in Canada at 98.28 speed score, an impressive result from Ookla. If you’re wondering who else is in the running, here is the current rankings from Q4 2021.

Q4 mobility rankings canada
Source –


Where is it available?

Telus focuses on Alberta and BC as their fibre-to-the home service regions. For an up-to-date list of Telus fiber connected towns, check out their interactive map.

Telus fibre-optic communities
source – 2022

For mobility, Telus operates Canada-wide

Telus business services are also available Canada-wide. Where Telus does not own a physical network, they have wholesale partner agreements with local providers to meet local business needs.

What types of service do they provide?

When we ask about type, we mean fiber, copper, wireless or satellite. Telus operates primarily on fibre-optic networks for any residential services.

What is the customer support like?

Customer support is rated similar to the other large carriers, room for improvement. Make sure to leave your detailed reviews below to keep those ratings up to date.

Is the wifi signal strong?

According to Red Dot Design, who gave Telus an award, “The TELUS Wi-Fi 6 Access Point provides tri-band Wi-Fi 6 technology with comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage in environments with numerous connected devices.”

While it may be award winning, we noticed more than 16,000 other products were award winning, so take it with a grain of salt.

Are they investing in rural expansion?

Rural expansion is expected to continue around BC and Alberta. With CRTC broadband fund and provincial contributions continuing in those provinces, Telus can continue to in-fill the communities where government money make the business case work.

Recent updates show fibre-optic upgrades in Edmonton for 2022, but more projects will be expected.

Who owns the company?

Telus is traded on the TSX stock exchange. (Yes I know that’s redundant). According to CNN, there is no single investor that owns more than 2% of the company. This sets it apart, for better or worse, than some of the family owned telecommunications businesses.

That’s just our critical analysis, tell us how you really feel, good or bad. We and your fellow Canadians want to hear your thoughtful and helpful reviews!


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