Internet for your Apartment – a guide for Canadians 

You’ve moved into your apartment. You’re ready to experience downtown Canadian life. You go to message your friend…there’s no Wi-Fi? Now what?

We’re here to help. 

This guide aims to help you navigate the world of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Canada and choose the right one for your apartment. 

You may think being in downtown Toronto, Calgary, or Winnipeg means you obviously get access to every provider at bargain prices.

You’d be wrong.

apartment internet in canada

We’ll explain more about what options you have, what to ask your landlord, and what prices you should expect to pay. 

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Can you get free Internet included in rent?

It’s common for new apartments to include Internet in the rent. Can this be you?

As a renter, it’s pretty easy, check your rental agreement. If it includes Internet, or Wi-fi, you may be one of the lucky ones. (assuming it’s truly high-speed)

In the ISP world, we refer to this as bulk Internet. Building owners and landlords often prefer this approach. 

Benefits to bulk apartment Internet?

When you move in, your Internet is live and ready for you.

When everyone signs up, everyone gets a price discount.

With consistent services by one provider, Wi-Fi interference won’t be an issue. 

The only way to get Wi-fi included in your rent is if your landlord negotiates a larger deal with your local ISP. If this is something you want, you’ll need to send them a message. 

Or, if your Internet isn’t hooked up yet, go knock on their door! 

Determine Internet for your apartment options

Determining the best ISP for you depends on various factors such as coverage, setup process, customer support, and pricing. 

Different providers excel in different areas, and it’s essential to look at each of these aspects before making a decision.

Every province is different. Luckily we’ve put together a list of all the Canadian ISP’s, sorted by province, for you to browse and consider. 

All Canadian Internet Providers

Are you way outside of urban centers? Check out our Starlink for Apartments article to learn more.

Should I buy from the incumbent?

Don’t know what the Incumbent means? They are likely the first word that comes to mind when you think “home phone!” – that’s the incumbent.

Don’t just go with the big player for Internet for your apartment, you may have other options. (see list above)

Canada is home to around 250 ISPs. Some regional players own their own networks. Many smaller ISP’s use wholesale capacity on the networks of the major players. 

The availability of these providers depends on your location. For instance, Bell and Rogers dominate Ontario, while Shaw and Telus are prevalent in western provinces.

What you need to do is ask your building manager what all the options are. Don’t assume it’s just the large players. 

Determine the Right Internet Plan for You

When choosing an internet plan, consider factors like download/upload speed, data caps, and the cost.

Download and upload speeds are crucial depending on your internet usage. If you’re a heavy internet user who frequently streams videos or enjoys online gaming, you’ll need a plan with high download and upload speeds.

On the other hand, data caps are important to consider if you use a large amount of data each month. Some providers offer unlimited data, while others may charge extra for exceeding a certain limit.

What should my Internet cost in a Canadian Apartment?

The cost of your internet plan can vary greatly depending on the provider and the specifics of the plan. On average, Canadians can expect to pay anywhere from $47.61 to $104.75 per month for a broadband service, depending on the speed.

Of course, if Internet is included in your rent, it could be as low as…included. 

Realistically you’re still paying for it, and the approximate cost will still end up costing you $30-60/month. 

Can you switch your ISP in an Apartment?

Switching ISPs in Canada is typically an easy process. Most new service providers will handle the transfer of your existing services, making it a seamless transition. They will cancel your existing internet plan and immediately start your new service.

There are some examples where you may think you can’t switch. For example, you may be in an apartment with only 1 provider, someone like Bell, Rogers, or Shaw. 

Did you know that as the Incumbent Telco, they actually have to let you buy from providers like VMedia. This adds competition. This is why we rank them the top budget provider. You can actually find their services all over Canada.

Find the right Internet for your apartment

In conclusion, finding the right ISP for your apartment in Canada involves a thorough understanding of your specific needs, careful comparison of the available options, and informed decision-making. 

Remember to consider factors such as coverage, speed, customer service, and cost when choosing your ISP.

Armed with this guide, you are now well equipped to navigate the world of ISPs in Canada and choose the one that best fits your needs.

Happy streaming!

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