Starlink Installers in Alberta, Canada

If you’re reading this, either you’re considering buying Starlink or have already bought it and realized it now has to be installed.

We’re here to help.

This article outlines a list of professional Starlink installers in Alberta to get your shiny, new Starlink kit up and running. Check out our ultimate guide to Starlink Internet if you’re still in research mode.

For the DIY pro, we also include tips on how to do the Install yourself.

Starlink Installers in Alberta

  1. 24/7 Electric

24/7 Electric has provided expert residential electrical services to the Calgary region for over ten years. They do everything from residential electrical repairs to installations, upgrades, and even specialty services. While their website does not explicitly state that they offer Starlink installation, we can bet they have the expertise to handle it. 

Area Served: Calgary, Alberta. 

Related Services Offered: Electrical diagnostics, Installation, and upgrade of electrical systems.

  1. IRRAD Solutions

IRRAD Solutions is a one-man-owned professional satellite installation and repair service. IRRAD Solutions will come out to your location on any day of the week and can even help with the acquisition of your satellite dish and other equipment. 

Area Served: Edmonton, Alberta. 

Related Services Offered: Dish installation, tuning, and troubleshooting.

  1. Klein Electrical

Master Electricians with 38+ years of experience. Klein Electrical specializes in residential, commercial, and heavy industrial electrical servicing and is committed to exceptional customer service. While they also do not state that they carry out Starlink installations, we can safely assume they can do the installation. 

Whether you want a minor wiring repair or installing a cutting-edge “smart home” or industrial automation, they can do the work on time and within budget! Klein Electrical conducts a thorough consultation in which they explain the available options so that you may select the scope of work that is best for your house or company – and your budget.  Please call for a quote 780-243-DISH (3474)

Area Served: Alberta. 

Related Services Offered: Smart home and industrial installation.

  1. Southern Alberta Satellite

Southern Alberta Satellite has established itself as a respectable and well-known Satellite Communication Service by being quick, efficient, and honest. With staff ready for any task, the company is known for managing projects with expertise and experience. In addition, Southern Alberta Satellite is known for maintaining open lines of contact throughout the life of each project, making it a customer favorite.

Area Served: Alberta. 

Related Services Offered: Explornet, Satellite TV installation, and wireless network services.

  1. Springbank Wireless

Springback Wireless is a family-owned wireless internet service company based in Springback, Alberta. 

The company’s families also live and work in Springback, so they understand the difficulty of accessing quality internet. In addition, they have over a decade of wireless technology knowledge and will overcome barriers to provide customers with reliable high-speed internet. Finally, Springback Wireless can provide personalized assistance installing your Starlink kit as a small firm.

Area Served: Alberta. 

Related Services Offered: Wireless receiver installation.

  1. Vlad Technical Services

Vlad Technical Services is owned and run by Vlad Sirghi, a residential and corporate satellite dish installation expert. The owner is an experienced satellite installer who has worked for several major companies in the area. He has trained his staff to provide the same high level of service that he would be able to offer himself.

Area Served: Edmonton, Alberta. 

Related Services Offered: Internet, Wifi, and Satellite TV. 

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How do I Install Starlink myself?

Starlink does not send a technician to your house or office to install a satellite dish and router, unlike many other satellite internet providers, such as Viasat or HughesNet. Instead, when you get Starlink Internet, you will receive a self-installation kit. You can follow the following steps to install it. 

  1. Download the app

You can download the Starlink app from the Google Play Store or App Store. The app will walk you through the setup process and allow you to control your system from your smartphone.

  1. Check for obstructions

The Starlink system uses GPS signals to determine the position of satellites in the sky. However, if there are any obstacles between your satellite dish and the sky, it will be unable to communicate with them properly. Ensure no trees or buildings are blocking your satellite dish before installing. If the obstructions are moveable, try moving them. If not, install the dish in a different location.

  1. Unpack the Starlink Kit

Once you have confirmed that there are no obstructions between your satellite dish and the sky, you can unpack the contents of your kit and start installing it on your roof or exterior wall (depending on where you intend to install it). The kit contains the dish, a mounting base, a 75′ cable, a wireless router, and a power cord.

  1. Assemble and Install the Dish

To begin, connect the 75-foot data/power line to the dish. The connection lies at the mast’s base. There are two distinct sides of the cable. One connection is straight, while the other is angled. The straight connection connects to the dish. Ensure that the connection is secure, and then slide the mast into the mounting base and secure the two spring tabs into position. The mounting base is adaptable and may be used for permanent, temporary, or portable installations. We recommend experimenting with using the provided base even if you want to permanently put the dish on your roof. Install the dish in the same general area where you checked for obstacles.

  1. Plug Everything In

The other end of the 75-foot cable must be routed back inside your home to the wireless router. The elbow connector connects to the router’s bottom. For permanent installations, you’ll need to drill a hole through the exterior of your property to route the cable. You can just run it through an open window, door, or other opening for temporary testing.

The next step is to plug the router into a wall socket using the included power wire. Before connecting the router, ensure your dish is installed correctly and free to move and tilt. The dish will turn on when you plug in the router and scan for satellites. The Starlink dish automatically aligns itself. Therefore, manually moving, aiming, or positioning the dish is unnecessary. Starlink will automatically detect satellites as long as the dish tower is near vertical and there are no obstructions.

  1. Connect to Starlink

When you turn on the router, it will begin an initialization procedure that may take several minutes. After a few moments, open your phone’s WiFi settings. A new wireless network called Starlink should appear. Connect to it to continue. A new window will appear if the connection is successful, requesting you to enter a new network name and password. You are now linked to your Starlink system after saving.

Do You Have to Install Starlink Yourself?

You do not have to install your Starlink yourself and have alternative solutions if this is the case. You can contact a friend you trust with the equipment or get a Starlink installer. Starlink installers will set up the antenna and router and can even help you create “Wall-to-Wall Wi-Fi” in your home. This article provided a list of Starlink installers in Alberta, Canada.


If you are in the market to install Starlink satellite dishes in your home or business, Alberta has many options available to you that you can trust. Hopefully, this article has helped provide some guidance towards your ideal choice of a professional Starlink installer in Alberta.

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