Starlink Mobile Roam Vs Starlink Residential Plans

Starlink Mobile (formerly Starlink RV and Rome) and Starlink Residential are two plans offered by Starlink. In this article we will compare the two so you can decide what is right for you.

Starlink Mobile Regional previously called Roam and Starlink RV is for users who are on the move. This service is ideal for people who live in RVs, frequent travelers, or those who change their location often.

Starlink Residential is a traditional home internet service. It is designed for users to use at a fixed address and want consistent, high-speed internet at their homes.

Starlink Hardware: Understanding the Equipment

Both Starlink Mobile / RV and Residential can utilize the same hardware. The standard hardware kit includes a satellite dish (commonly referred to as “dishy”), a router, a base, and the necessary cables.

Starlink has introduced a new high performance dish. The dish is larger, comes with a robust post and a large robust power supply unit. The high performance kit provides faster download speeds and is less effected by obstructions. However it takes more power to use and is not usable in motion.

Starlink has introduced a new flat dish for mounting on moving vehicles. It comes flat mounted and has no motors. The dish is designed to be mounted on a vehicle. It still uses a lot of electricity but is the only dish allowed to be used while moving. This dish is only avaliable for mobile plan users.

The dish is what connects to the Starlink satellite network, receiving and transmitting data. The router, creates a Wi-Fi network that your devices connect to, allowing them to access the internet.

Price: Comparing the Costs

The cost of a Starlink subscription is split into two parts: the equipment fee and the monthly service charge. The equipment fee for both Starlink Mobile Regional and Residential is now $599 US. This fee covers the cost of the hardware kit.

The flat high performance dish and the high performance dish both costs $2,500. The new flat high performance dish is for Mobile users, which can be mounted on top of the vehicle.

The monthly service charge for Starlink Residential is $140. For Starlink Mobile / RV, the monthly service charge is $150 for Regional and $250 for Global coverage.

These prices have been changing recently we have updated the prices. You can check out for the most accurate price in your area.

Starlink Performance: Speeds and Latency

Performance is a key consideration when choosing an internet service. With Starlink, the performance capability of Mobile and Residential is identical, given that they utilize the same hardware. There are a few factors that can influence the actual speeds you experience.

Starlink Residential users enjoy faster speeds because they are given priority over Mobile Regional users. In times of heavy network traffic, this priority can result in higher speeds for Residential users.

The performance of Mobile Regional / RV can be more inconsistent, with speeds ranging from 5-50 Mbps and latency between 20-60 ms.

The location of the dish will also affect the speeds for Mobile Regional customers as the user travels. It is important to have the dish in view of the sky without obstructions.

For Residential users, download speeds can range from 25-100 Mbps, upload speeds from 5-25 Mbps, and latency can be between 20-60 ms.

Starlink Features: Unique Advantages

Each Starlink plan comes with its unique set of features. One of the main features that set Starlink Mobile /RV apart from Residential is its mobility. With Mobile Regional, you can take your Starlink service with you wherever you go, as long as you stay within your country of residence. And with the Global option you can travel anywhere there is service.

Starlink Residential, on the other hand, is geofenced to a specific service address. This means that you can only use your Starlink service at your registered service address.

Another feature unique to Starlink Roam is the ability to pause your service. This can be particularly useful for users who only need their Starlink service for certain parts of the year, allowing them to save money when they’re not using it.

Starlink Coverage: Beyond Borders

Starlink Mobile Regional / Roam offers a unique global coverage feature. For an additional $150 per month, Roam users can upgrade to the Global Roam plan. This plan allows users to use their Starlink service in any country where Starlink has coverage. This is a great option for international travelers.

Starlink Availability: Waitlist and Restrictions

One of the key factors to consider when choosing between Starlink Mobile and Residential is availability. Starlink Residential service is at capacity is some areas or unavailable. New customers in these areas must join a waitlist. Some customers have been on the waitlist for multiple years.

There’s no waitlist for Starlink Mobile, you can order it immediately. This makes it a great option if you need internet service right away.

Switching Plans: Flexibility and Limitations

One of the advantages of Starlink is the ability to switch between plans. If you start with a Residential plan and then decide you want more flexibility, you can switch to a Mobile /Roam plan.

If you start with a Mobile plan and then decide you want to settle down, you can switch to a Residential plan.

But, switching from Mobile to Residential is subject to availability, so it’s not always guaranteed.

Making the Right Choice: Starlink Mobile Roam or Residential?

Choosing between Starlink Mobile /Roam and Residential ultimately depends on your individual needs and lifestyle. If you’re a frequent traveler or live in an RV, the flexibility and mobility of the Roam plan might be the best fit for you. If this is you check out the article on getting reliable wi-fi in your RV.

On the other hand, if you live in a fixed location and need consistent, high-speed internet, the Residential plan might be a better choice. Remember, Residential users get priority access to the Starlink network, so this plan typically offers higher speeds than the Mobile plan.


Whether you’re a stationary user looking for fast, reliable internet or a traveler seeking connectivity on the go, Starlink has an option to fit your needs.

Take the time to consider which plan aligns with your lifestyle and usage requirements, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying high-speed, reliable satellite internet with Starlink.

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