Starlink Installers in Manitoba, Canada

Did you order a Starlink Internet service months ago, and finally when it arrived, realized you don’t often work on your own roof….or drill holes in the side of your house?

It may be easier to call a professional to do the install, who will look for things you may miss, and make sure your Internet experience meets your expectations, which, if you’re switching from Geostationary Satellite (GEO) – I wouldn’t worry too much, this is going to be great.


  1. Browse the list below, pick the one that serves your area
  2. Tell them we sent you!
  3. That’s it, enjoy!

If you have time for a bit more reading today, we also provide some tips and link to videos on what to expect in your install.

If you haven’t bought Starlink yet, check out our ultimate guide to Starlink Internet.

Starlink Installers in Rural MB

Soaring Heights

Soaring Heights Technology is a Manitoba-wide technology solution company.

They provide a range of services including cell tower services, rural Internet, satellite TV, and IT services, among other things. They understand the difficulties people living in rural areas face.

Soaring Heights works hard to bring those services to their clients, since they operate in a rural area and have faced some of the same difficulties. They have been able to work with several prominent, well-known companies in Manitoba, as well as meet the great individuals in rural Manitoba because of their attention to detail, quality work, friendly customer service, and honest business practice.

Area Served: All Rural Manitoba

Related Services Offered: Starlink Installation and Hook-up, break-fix emergency fixes of Starlink and other services.

Learn More:

CWD Satellite

CWD Satellite is a Manitoba Installation company. Dealing in many types of Satellite, Wireless, and terrestrial or cable-based installs, they will be equipped to handle any telecom work.

CWD does not specifically list Starlink Installations on the website, but with their expertise, I’d be surprised if the cannot help.

Area Served: Western Manitoba. Company Office is in Neepawa.

Related Services Offered: Telecom Installation and Hook-up, break-fix emergency fixes and other services.

Things to look for in a Starlink Internet Installer

  1. Do they have insurance?
  2. Are they in your area?
  3. Are they friendly?

Why not just do it yourself?

You can do it yourself. Some people should not attempt the install.

There are plenty of videos to help you plan your Install, here is our favorites:

Thanks for reading, If you know of any other Starlink Installers around Manitoba, please let us know, we will gladly add them to the list!

Looking for another Province? We’re working on them all right now.

Link to: Starlink Installers in Alberta

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