Starlink Global Roam | 8 critical facts before you buy

What do you need to know before buying Starlink Global Roam? Here’s the answers you need.

SpaceX has now come up with a new offering; Starlink Global Roam. But you probably knew that. Now you’re trying to figure out, is it right for me?

Global roam will revolutionize how we stay connected across the globe. Users with Internet anywhere Starlink services are available.

Let’s dive in.

1) What Speed can I expect with Starlink Global Roam?

Starlink states that Roam customers receive between 5-50 mbps download and 2-10 mbps upload speed.

Keep in mind, the latency is adequate, which means your Internet service will feel pretty good!

The Starlink satellite constellation is still under development. Global Roam customers should prepare for occasional service interruptions.

Over time, as more laser links become operational, reliability and performance will improve.

2) Data Limitations with Roam

Starlink Roam plans offer unlimited data. Roam traffic is deprioritized on the Starlink Network. Network congestion may lead to reduced or throttled speeds.

Ordering Process for Starlink Roam

To order Starlink Roam, visit the Roam section on the website.

Enter your shipping address, select the hardware type (Portable or Mobile), and choose between Regional or Global Roam.

Complete your information and place your order. Billing commences 14 days after your order ships.

You can return your Starlink kit within 30 days of delivery for a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

3) Switching Between Global and Regional Roam

Starlink provides an easy way to switch between Global and Regional Roam plans.

For instance, if you use Starlink in the US but have an upcoming trip to South America, you can switch to Global Roam for your trip. Switch back to the cheaper Regional plan when you return.

To switch, log in to your account portal, click Manage next to your Roam plan, then click Change Service Plan.

4) Where is Starlink Global Roam Available?

There are two Mobile (Roam) plans – Regional & Global.

Regional Mobile service plans are available for land use within your country or continent.

To use your Starlink on another continent, you will need to change your service plan to Global Mobile, or choose to add Mobile Priority data.

To use your Starlink on an ocean, you’ll need to add Mobile Priority data or change your service plan to Mobile Priority (where available).

Global Mobile service plans are available for land use across the globe.

To use your Starlink on the ocean, you’ll need to opt-in to Mobile Priority data or change your service plan to Mobile Priority.

5) How Does Starlink International Roam Work?

When you subscribe to the Starlink Roam service, you connect to the Internet via a Starlink terminal mounted on your RV, or wherever you mount your dish.

Your terminal communicates with the nearest Starlink satellite. Unlike Geostationary satellite Internet service, the satellite you connect to is speeding across the sky.

The satellite then communicates with other satellites in the constellation to establish a connection, allowing the user to access the Internet from almost anywhere on land.

The working of Starlink Roam is underpinned by the company’s advanced inter-satellite links, or space lasers. These allow Starlink satellites to communicate and share data with each other, reducing their reliance on ground stations and thus, reducing network latency.

Pricing and Subscription Details

The current plan is $200 USD per month, which “allows your Starlink to connect from almost anywhere on land in the world.”

Besides the $200 monthly fee, Global Roaming also costs an $599 upfront payment for the Starlink hardware equipment.

Global Roaming users who are dissatisfied “can return for a full refund of the hardware within 30 days,” according to Starlink.

The monthly fee for the regular Starlink residential service is CAD $170, and the hardware is the same $599.

To learn more about Residential Starlink, see our Starlink Ultimate Guide.

This premium pricing for Starlink Global Roaming reflects the additional benefits and convenience that come with global roaming services.

The extra one-time fee of $599 for the Starlink kit, includes a dish to connect to the satellites, a tripod stand for the dish, and a Wi-Fi router.

Comparing Regional Roaming and Global Roaming

The main difference between Regional and Global Roaming is that the latter does not impose travel restrictions like the former.

Regional Roam is restricted to the same continent as the customer’s shipping address, while Global Roam does not have this limitation. The cost is another differentiating factor, with Regional Roam priced at $150/month and Global Roam at $200/month. The equipment cost for both services is the same: $599.

The final distinction is that the in-motion, Flat High Performance hardware is not available for Global Roaming – it can only be purchased with the Regional Roam plan.

We go more in-depth in our latest article “Starlink Mobile vs Residential”

6) How do you Attach Starlink Roam?

Roam hardware is designed for a permanent installation on your vehicle. The dish is resilient in harsh environments.

Understanding Starlink and Its Innovations

Starlink, a venture by SpaceX, has been a disruptor in the Internet service industry.

SpaceX offers high-speed Internet where traditional broadband cannot reach.

Low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites are the innovative technology they deploy.

The LEO model allows the company to offer high-speed Internet services in locations where traditional broadband cannot reach.

To date, the company has deployed over 3,500 satellites. And plans to deploy up to 42,000 satellites to increase its coverage all over the globe. This extensive satellite network is what powers Starlink’s services.

Service Availability

Government approvals limit Starlink Roam service available globally.

The company doesn’t have the authority to offer Internet service in every country. A map on the company’s website shows where Starlink’s services are currently active and where they are still awaiting approvals.

Despite these regulatory challenges, Starlink keeps expanding its global roaming services. It is working to secure the necessary approvals and expand the satellite network to provide more coverage.

7) Restrictions Associated with Starlink Roam

Both Starlink Roam plans have a two-month restriction in place.

According to Starlink, users who stay in a country different from their shipping address for more than two months may need to update their registered address. This requirement is for tax and billing purposes only.

If the new country has a higher subscription cost, your monthly bill might increase.

8) Potential Challenges and Future Developments

While Starlink Roam promises exciting possibilities, it also comes with potential challenges.

Users may experience brief periods of poor connectivity, or none at all, especially in the early stages of the service’s rollout. But, the company has assured users that it is working to address these issues and improve the service over time.

Starlink Roam represents a significant leap forward in portable global Internet connectivity. As the service continues to evolve and expand, it will redefine how we experience the Internet, especially in remote and underserved areas.


The future of global Internet connectivity is promising.

While there will be hurdles along the way, the benefits of this service are immense.

Starlink Roam is set to change how we stay connected, no matter where we are in the world.

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